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Our Services:

- Full or Complete Dentures
- Partial Dentures
   - Acrylic Partials
   - Metal Frame Partials
   - Flexible Partials
- Denture Relines
- Denture Repairs

Most denture repairs can be
done the same day, but in
some complex cases they
may take longer.

The detailed information about
different types of dentures,
relines, denture repairs and
denture care can be found
on our Denture Info blog.
The price of the denture
includes the warranty on
the regular wear and tear:
the crack in the denture plate
or fallen out tooth.

- Full Dentures (Premium)
           - 1 yr warranty

- Full Dentures (Economy)
          - 6 mos. warranty

- Partial Dentures
     (metal frame)
           - 1 yr warranty

- Premium Partial Dentures
  (acrylic) - 6 mos. warranty

The repairs during the time
covered by the warranty
are done at no charge
to the patient.
Our dentures come with
the Warranty:
We accept:

- Cash,
- Checks
- Money Orders
- Major Credit Cards
- PayPal
-Community Health First
  (Insurance Plan)
-Washington Dental Services